Protective Products
  • Item No: ME9172005

    Personal Countertop Protective Shield

    .Made from transparent acrylic, maintain a perfectly clear view
    .One-piece molded design
    .Sufficient to prevent droplet transmission
    .Easy to clean and disinfect
    .Stackable and space saving
    .Suitable for crowd gathering places, such as restaurants, offices, classrooms and so on.
    .Patent pending

  • Specifications

.Material: Transparent Acrylic
A: 23.6 inch (60cm)
B: 23.6 inch (60cm)
C: 9.8 inch (25cm)
D: 7.8 inch (20cm)
E: 17.7 inch (45cm)
F: 20.8 inch (53cm)
.Weight:6.4 Pound (2.89Kg)